Jan 11, 2009

Ice Fishing on the Red River

A couple of weeks ago I had an assignment to go shoot ice fishing with a reporter on a Saturday. The kind of weather related fun story that would fill a hole in a Sunday or Monday paper. Unfortunately it was the same Saturday that Winnipeg and area was hit with some unpleasant weather, so, it kinda got put onto the back burner.

This past week on Thursday I was trying to think of a good story to work on and realized that the beautiful sunny (though very cold) day would be perfect for the ice fishing story. I got a reporter assigned to it and off we went.

The very first people we talked to were extremely nice and open to talking about ice fishing. The second they mentioned that one of them would be going back to his home country of Grenada to visit family in a couple of weeks I knew that I had a hook for the video story.

Jan 8, 2009

My 2008 Pictures of the Year

When I was asked to submit a bunch of photos to be used in a pictures of the year package I have to admit I did the job a little too quickly. Looking at the slideshow now I probably should have trimmed a few of the images out.

Oh well...

Some of the photos were particularly sentimental and/or special because of my feelings behind them.

I plan on selecting a few images to write about in the near future.

Until then enjoy!

Jan 7, 2009

Future Tree of Forgotten Memories

Last week I was asked to get a photo of someone throwing their Christmas tree out at one of the recycling depots set up around the city. While there the guys that go around to the depots and toss the trees through a chipper showed up. It turns out I had photographed the owner of the company a couple of years ago cutting down a tree on Broadway. He started talking away about what he was doing and the funny things that they see in the trees that they chip.

The flash went off in my frozen skull and I asked him if it would be ok to do a video...

Here's the result.

Jan 4, 2009

Weekend Driving

Had to do a bit of driving outside the city yesterday and I can tell you the roads were not good. Late in the morning I heard about an accident that happened up on Hwy. 6 about fifteen minutes outside the Perimeter. Scary story, a pregnant mother was in one of the vehicles with her two children. A guy that came upon the scene shortly after it happened told me that one of the kids was pinned against the ceiling of the car in its booster seat when he arrived. The booster seat was probably what saved the kids life. Half of the car was ripped apart. Unreal.

Our video editor wasn't working on Saturday so I could have done the assignment without shooting any video, but the condition of the vehicles and the fact that they let us walk right up to the accident (the patients had all been transported already)...

My new Canon HF10 had to stay in the car because I don't have the right software to process it. I used my point and shoot camera, a Canon G10. It does a passable job and the breaking news aspect of the story helped to cover its deficiencies.

Hopefully I can get the right program (Final Cut Express) to edit the stuff that comes out of my new video camera...