Dec 27, 2008

The Balloon Tycoon

At the Forks for the afternoon. The balloon guy was doing a brisk business. Aa watched in fascination until her turn came up. Then it was the supper shy act. A pink bunny brought her out.

Nice balloon man.

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Dec 23, 2008

Gary Doer year end interview

Shot the stills during the interview while Video Editor Tyler Walsh used my video camera for a two camera set-up.

Reporter Bruce Owen asked the questions and looked good in his suit. Made me think about how our colleagues south of the border almost always dress in business suits. I'm talking about the photographers.

I know I'm asking for it by bringing up the dress code...

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Dec 14, 2008


Last week I was following up on my search for a photo of a bald eagle (4-0 for the eagle so far) that I had seen while out on a family trip. I came up nadda again and felt compelled to waste some time with a friendly squirrel that seemed intent on cheering me up.

I am going into a week of working as a temporary photo editor while my boss is soaking up the sun in Cuba. I know it's going to be a crazy week, the one before Christmas always is, but I'm hopping that the Christmas spirit will be there to keep me going.

Enjoy the photos of this friendly squirrel.


A couple of shots of a woodpecker...

Dec 10, 2008

Claudette Osborne

Last month I had to take a photo of the family of Claudette Osborne at a hotel downtown. I snapped this pic with the cellphone on my way out with the intention of posting something. I got distracted and forgot about it until today when I read a story on our website. Very strange and disturbing.

I hope that this is her and that the Calgary police are able to find her alive and bring her home.

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Tracia's Trust

Gloria Enns from Sage House talks to the media about the announcement by the provincial government of its second phase in their sexual exploitation strategy named after Tracia Owen. Tracia was a 14-year-old who hanged herself in 2005 and had spent almost her entire life under the care of CFS.

Gloria Enns is the program manager at Sage House, a resource and outreach centre for sex-trade workers.

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Dec 3, 2008

Great Horned Owl Released Back into the Wild

Today we decided to send both a still shooter and a video shooter to an assignment where a great horned owl was to be released back into the wild around a school in the south end of the city where it was caught in a soccer net this past September.

I volunteered to shoot the video and was able to grab this still from the shoot. The still image that the other photographer got is shown in a great combination series.