Mar 25, 2010

No cookin' tonight it's...

No cookin' tonight it's..., originally uploaded by mdcellphoto.

Also shot a quick video of our own Willy introducing the show... did it all in one take too!!!

Mar 24, 2010

House fire at 520 Hazel Dell, Don Starkell injured

Shot this video with my iPhone and we had it on the website before 11am (within two hours of the first call on the scanner):

Then we found out that the person who was injured in the fire was Don Starkell the famous author and paddler! He wrote Paddle to the Arctic and Paddle to the Amazon.

So, I had to upload my raw iPhone video files via FTP so that our video editor could put together a new video that included an update and some of the photos we have of him.

The story from the Winnipeg Free Press website says:
Starkell, 77, is an author and adventurer who built a 64-year legacy as one of North America's most respected paddlers. Starkell began canoeing as a teen and rose to fame through his books, Paddle to the Arctic and Paddle to the Amazon, which catalogued some of his epic river journeys.

Hope he makes it through this and is back on the water soon...

Mar 19, 2010

Long eared owl

Long eared owl, originally uploaded by mdcellphoto.

Shot with A's point n' shoot camera, she emailed it to me and I
processed it on the iPhone. We were hiking in a dried up river gully
when we startled it. A lent me her camera so I could get a photo.
Thanks A!

The Easter Bunny was here a little early this year

Mar 15, 2010

A small hike with the little tike

Very proud of my daughter today, she walked about a mile and a half, took photos with her camera and only melted down when she became afraid of the moss... It really scared her. Go figure... The stuff was everywhere ofcourse. The photo above is of some of the moss.

Mar 13, 2010

Went for a hike and this storm rolled in...

Should have brought our rain coats instead of putting on the
sunscreen. Freezing rain didn't deter us... It was fun until the last
ten minutes when we had to walk up hill into the wind and sleet.

A Hipstamatic photo of the storm...
Hipstamatic pic of the storm

A Juniper bush...

The Juniper bush with Ariel's hands
Juniper with hands

A pointy plant
Pointy Plant


Mar 3, 2010

Winnipeg PSB evacuated

"At least two Winnipeg Police Service staff members were taken to hospital and several others received medical attention after people on several floors of downtown's Public Safety Building complained of symptoms that included difficulty breathing, nausea and coughing, police and fire officials said." ~ Winnipeg Free Press

Shot this quick video during the media scrum and was able to send it to the paper's video system while I was processing a few photos in the car. I think we beat all the other media with story and video... It was on the Winnipeg Free Press website for at least an hour before our video editor uploaded his more comprehensive video. We rock!