Sep 15, 2009

Stu Murray paraded in front of photographer Dan Harper for group photo

Ok, the title of this post wasn't one of my greatest efforts... but as usual it was done on the fly.

The event was Stuart Murray's public confirmation as the new CEO for the Human Rights Museum and Dan was the photographer working for the museum. I caught this at the end after the rest of the media had pretty much left the building.

We were waiting to ask Stuart a couple last questions that didn't get asked during the scrums. Reporter Mary-Agnes updated her blog and included that clip of video.

Whenever I have had to take Mr. Murray's photo I have always come away with the feeling that he is just a really nice guy. I still think that even though I'm not sure he is the perfect candidate for this particular job.

Here is the video that goes with the story...

I think that the dude that asks Stuart about the financial "boondoggle" and mentions the "blogosphere" is the guy from the Black Rod blog... not sure though.

Also wish that I had thought to take the camera off the pod to do a wide shot during the announcement part... I was too caught up in shooting stills.

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